About One-Point Entry

One-Point Entry is the single point of entry for business delegations visiting Greater Copenhagen.
One-Point Entry Service assists international businesses, investors, talents, politicians, civil servants and media professionals in organizing customized visiting programs to relevant sites, public organisations, private companies and research institutions in Greater Copenhagen as well as in following up.

We are your one-stop shop to world-leading living labs, lighthouse projects, advanced technologies and innovative solutions as well as the political visions and strategies supporting them. Our main objective is to match international interest and demand with regional expertise.

How does OPE add value for your business delegation?

A visit is a platform to inspire, to influence, and to translate thoughts and ideas into concrete actions and new inspiring projects.

We aim to create mutual benefits such as new relations, business opportunities and partnerships  through delegation visits. We engage our network of public and private partners and experts in Greater Copenhagen in the visits that we facilitate.

Through our large local network and in-depth knowledge of regional strongholds within areas such as sustainable urban development, cleantech, smart city, ICT, life sciences, and public-private partnerships you will get a unique overview of innovative solutions as well as business and partner opportunities.


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