One Point Entry Service is a joint platform for organising delegation visits to Greater Copenhagen.
The secretariat is operated by Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne in close cooperation with international secretariats in the City of Copenhagen and Malmö.

Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity is the official organisation for investment promotion and economic development in Greater Copenhagen. The organization assists foreign businesses, investors and talent in identifying and capitalising on business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen and fosters regional growth and development through internationalization. At Copenhagen Capacity, the One-Point Entry unit is responsible for coordinating inquiries to and from the eastern part of Denmark, including Copenhagen.

Invest in Skåne

Invest in Skåne is the official business promotion agency for Sweden's southernmost region Skåne. The organization provides professional advice and services to international companies ecspecially considering Skåne for future investment and assist regional companies in developing their international business. At Invest in Skåne, the One-Point Entry unit is responsible for coordinating inquiries to and from the southern part of Sweden, including Malmö.

The City of Copenhagen

The international secretariat is placed in the Technical and Environmental Administration of the City of Copenhagen, which among other is responsible for the sustainable urban development agenda of the Danish Capital. The secretariat involves relevant politicians, public experts and projects in Copenhagen.

The City of Malmö

The City of Malmö offers technical visits from international municipalities, cities, organizations, associations and universities that have a professional interest in taking advantage of Malmö´s approach, experience and success factors.