Our Services

Get a customised visiting programme including relevant sites, companies, organisations and research institutions in Greater Copenhagen.

Visit relevant companies, sites, and government organisations

We help international business delegations in organising a customised visiting program to relevant authorities, companies, organisations, research institutions, as well as world-leading living labs and inspirational sites based on your particular areas of interest. Our service range from organizing individual meetings to customizing and coordinating entire visiting programs. One-Point Entry includes all municipalities in Greater Copenhagen

Join our large local network

Your visit could be the first step towards realizing new projects, partnerships and business opportunities. By connecting with us you will get access to our extensive network offering concrete solutions and potential business and partner opportunities in Greater Copenhagen.

Meet new partners

Based on your request, we will suggest a program of site visits and meetings with potential business partners such as companies, organisations, research institutions and government authorities. Through our network and in-depth knowledge of local strongholds, you will get a unique overview of business and partner opportunities in Greater Copenhagen.

Experience new research and solutions

One-Point Entry is a one-stop shop to world-leading living labs with best-practice showcases, advanced Danish technologies and solutions as well as the public-private strategies supporting them.

Invest in Greater Copenhagen

If your business delegation is contemplating establishing a business in Greater Copenhagen, your visit could be the first step.

Our investment promotion colleagues in Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne, the official investment promotion agencies of Greater Copenhagen, specialise in developing and presenting business opportunities to international companies, investors and talent and in facilitating their establishment in the region. The investment promotion services are available to all foreign companies free of charge.