Since its launch in 2015, One-Point Entry has handled more than 650 international business delegations. This has resulted in a number of outcomes, including new business opportunities and partnerships. Below are a few examples of cases.
In a recent analysis that outlines the coordinated efforts of the One-Point Entry Service so far, 89 per cent of the visiting delegations state that they will recommend Danish solutions and expertise in their respective hometowns, and that more than 78 per cent will seek dialogue and counseling from actors in Greater Copenhagen.

The City of Lahti looks for solutions on smart city and sustainable urban development in Greater Copenhagen

One Point Entry organises visits that include Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden, ensuring a comprehensive experience of regional strongholds. A delegation from the City of Lahti in Finland visited Copenhagen and Malmö in 2017 to study and learn about Smart City solutions in the region.

Greater Copenhagen can display some of the most innovative and sustainable urban solutions in the world. Both Copenhagen and Malmö have set ambitious climate goals that inspires cities and regions around the world.

The visit included:

  • Guided tours in Western Harbor and Hyllie, Malmö’s largest expansion area. By 2030 Malmö city will exclusively use 100% renewable energy.
  • Meetings with Invest in Skåne, presenting local strongholds within life and materials sciences, IT & telecoms, smart city, sustainable urban development, food- and packaging, and Sustainable Business Hub, the triple helix cluster for sustainability and cleantech companies in Southern Sweden.
  • Presentation of Copenhagen’s policies to become climate neutral by 2025 and the Copenhagen Solutions Lab for smart city solutions.
  • Site visit to Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, a presentation of The Eco City Augustenborg and smart solutions of storm water management in Malmö.
  • Meeting with the world leading consulting group Ramboll on sustainable urban planning, biodiversity in urban planning and sustainable transport.
  • Presentation of the Copenhagen bike share program Gobike.

”Sustainable development is base for our activities, so knowing what it does mean, what it takes and what benefits it provides for the cities in Copenhagen and Malmö is interesting. Understanding your future activities would be good base for possible cooperation” - representative from City of Lahti.

One-Point Entry matches Danish and Belgian actors for new opportunities within WTE, District Heating

A media visit focused on sustainable energy generated Belgian interest in Danish district heating solutions and visiting delegations to Greater Copenhagen followed. The returning delegations are the result of One-Point Entry’s targeted efforts to tailor programs and identify relevant partners for incoming international delegations. This sustained dialogue and matchmaking has resulted in new partnerships within waste-to-energy and district heating.

The fourth visit from Antwerpen came in September 2016 in the pursuit of inspiration for introducing district heating in Belgium. The delegation was taken to Kara/Noveren’s innovative district heating power plant in Roskilde Kommune, renowned for its advanced technology and cutting-edge architecture, and introduced to a host of public actors and private companies.

”Meeting these delegations has been a great platform for Rambøll. In more than one case it has resulted in large business partnerships in new markets” - Rambøll.

As a result, the entire Danish district heating industry is well positioned to play a central role in Belgium’s development and application of district heating solutions. One company in particular benefitted from the visit in September, as the engineering and consultancy firm Rambøll later signed an agreement for a combined heat and power waste-to-energy facility as technical advisor and conceptual design consultant, with the Belgian inter-municipal organization for waste disposal, ISVAG. The WtE tender also presented an opportunity for the architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) to submit a proposal.