Copenhagen’s “Bicycle Snake” - in China in XL version

In July 2016, a Chinese delegation from the sub-provincial city of Xiamen in southeastern Fujian visited Greater Copenhagen to seek inspiration and best practices on local mobility projects.

Bike skyways are not a common sight in Asia's cities, but Copenhagen's developed infrastructure of cycle paths and cycle links has woken Chinese interest in modern Danish green mobility.


"It is well known that Copenhagen has a highly developed bicycle system. Our group therefore planned a visit to investigate the planning and design of the bicycle lanes and the system management to offer a better cycling environment and to improve the urban traffic situation in Xiamen."

Tang Dazhou, Xiamen Municipal Group

China is currently investing heavily in the cleantech sector, which is an essential part of the government’s Five-Year Plan for 2016-2020 in realising a green transition. This gives Danish companies a golden opportunity to showcase their advanced bicycle solutions and human-centered, environmental and user-friendly designs that can lead them to large-scale projects far away from home.

One-Point Entry recommended the delegation to contact Dissing+Weitling, renowned for the world famous "bicycle snake" at Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen and consultant for the development of superbike routes in Greater Copenhagen.

The delegation met with Dissing+Weitling, who was already in contact with other organizations in Xiamen. Dissing+Weitling subsequently entered into an agreement with Xiamen to make a 7.6 kilometer long cycling skyway in Xiamen, China worth around. DKK 500 million. The project has already been completed as shown in the photo above. The skyway for bicycles is not only the first of its kind in China - it also happens to be the world’s longest.