Materials and Life Sciences

World-Class Research Facilities And Progressive Life Sciences Environment

With the commitment from both EU and Swedish Government major investments are being done into the development of the MAX IV laser synchrotron source and the European Spallation Source (ESS), harnessing the world’s most powerful neutron source (operational 2020).

The internationally renowned Medicon Valley life science cluster has all the facilities and infrastructure to support you from start up to full commercialisation. Medicon Valley Alliance – a Danish-Swedish networking organization for the entire life science community in Greater Copenhagen.

Key Areas

Smart City solutions

Nanotechnology and the research facilities MAX IV and ESS



Biomass and waste-to-energy

Biotech, pharma and medtech

Nanotechnology – groundbreaking research and world-leading research facilities

The Southern Sweden and Greater Copenhagen region is an international frontrunner in nanotechnology research and development. We provide unique opportunities for companies that use nanotechnology to custom design ultra-precise new structures, devices and products with new and often extraordinary properties.

This broad spectrum of high-tech industries and outstanding research facilities creates a dynamic materials science environment and test bed close at hand, a global materials science hub shaping the products and innovations of tomorrow.

MAX IV Laboratory and ESS, two next-generation centres are leaders at the very apex of their field. The briliance of MAX IV's X-ray beams, in addition to their coherence, will open up new types of experiments that could not be realized anywhere else.


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Healthtech – transforming healthcare

Greater Copenhagen is part of the EU-financed HealthTech Nordic, which in 2017 gather a community of high potential startups for high growth and Nordic lead in global HealthTech.

With HealthTech Arena, Innovation Skåne ventures into building a regional test bed to develop and test new products and services in e-health.


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Biotech, pharma and medtech

Medicon Valley in Greater Copenhagen is the strongest life sciences cluster in northern Europe. Skåne’s goal is to become Europe’s most innovative region by 2020. An ambitious target, but a realistic one too.

The region has a long established and sophisticated life science environment supported by a multi-helix value chain that provides the backdrop to this ambition.

Specialising in diabetes, neuroscience, cancer, stem cell research and inflammation Skåne is at the forefront of these high value research areas.